Surfing The Internet Encrypted And Securely




Berlin (Germany)


Andrei Mochola, Jörn Stampehl




Software as a Service

ZenMate is the first product by ZenGuard, a startup based in Berlin. The company wants to improve internet security for its users and make it accessible to the general public. The browser add-on ZenMate’s functionality, is similar to a VPN connection and can be added with just one click. Once installed, ZenMate encrypts browser traffic, unlocks geo-restrictions and hides the original IP in order to protect the user’s privacy and identity. Because of its easy handling and advanced functionality, the plugin provides home network, WiFi and en route security. ZenMate is available on multiple browser platforms (Chrome, Opera, Firefox), as an app (android, iOS) and desktop version (Win, Mac), and therefore offers secure protection in any situation. Under the „ZenMate“ brand there are additional products available, for example the web firewall ZenMate Pulse and the mobile security solution ZenMate Sense. Altogether this offers a complete protection portfolio to its end clients. Zenguard was founded in 2013 by CEOs Simon Specka and Markus Hänel in Manchester and belongs to the first funding round of Axel Springer’s Plug and Play programs.