Investment Themes

We follow an investment approach based on themes and theses, with the occasional deliberate exception. We focus on business models in these three areas.

Marketplaces and E-Commerce

Transactional Businesses

E-Commerce continues to be on the rise. By 2016, global e-commerce sales will surpass one trillion US-Dollars. Project A supports entrepreneurs in developing and accelerating models for transactional businesses on the internet, bringing in operational excellence in Performance Marketing and Business Intelligence. With our proprietary technologies such as the e-commerce platform "Yves & Zed", we also provide the necessary infrastructure for successful online businesses (Head over to our Techblog to learn more).

We are permanently aspiring to identify and promote advanced approaches beyond simple retail models, e.g. complex marketplaces like Catawiki or vertically integrated e-commerce, for example nu3, offering intelligent nutrition.

Software as a Service

Web-based Software Solutions

A mega trend in the tech world, Software as a Service allows companies and customers to benefit from web-based software, avoiding expensive IT infrastructure. Providing fast time-to-market, scalability and subscription-based pricing, SaaS continues to grow very dynamically.

Project A invests in startups focusing on vertically sliced software tools for specific markets or functions as well as consumerized solutions for B2B applications, as demonstrated for example by Project A portfolio companies Kyto or ZenMate. Project A's expertise helps SaaS entrepreneurs, e.g. in the fields of IT & Product, Performance Marketing and Organization Building.

Digital Infrastructure Solutions

Successful businesses need a smart data-driven infrastructure. This statement is part of Project A's core philosophy. Apart from helping implementing top-notch infrastructure at our portfolio companies, Project A also invests in startups that develop intelligent infrastructure solutions enhancing the performance of online and offline businesses.

Advertising Technology & Data

We are among the most relevant German early stage investors in the dynamically growing advertising technology field. With ventures like Glow and Eyeota we promote innovative approaches on international advertising technology markets.

Commerce Empowerment

Rooted in our deep understanding of challenges and winning factors in commerce and retail, Project A also invests in solutions that support online-based businesses such as the free DIY e-commerce platform Tictail, as well as data-driven tools for offline businesses as provided by our venture Spryker Systems.