Investment Themes

Our investment approach is fundamentally oriented towards themes and suppositions that are derived from the skills and experience we have accumulated in our spheres of competence. In addition to providing our financial support, this enables us to also offer an added value to the individual company in an operational capacity in the corresponding core areas of emphasis. In individual cases, we expand our investment themes with deliberately chosen exceptions, where the business model and potential co-operation in question appear particularly promising and meaningful for us.

Marketplaces and E-Commerce

Transactional Business Models

We identify and foster exceptional e-commerce approaches that go beyond traditional retail models. These include for example the curated online auction house Catawiki, vertically integrated online retailers such as nu3 in the area of intelligent nutrition or Lost My Name, a publishing house for personalized children’s books. With our years of experience in the field of e-commerce, we are the ideal partner for online retailers with special requirements. We help our partners to build a solid and scalable technical infrastructure that is perfectly adapted to meet the individual needs of the business model in question.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Web-Based Software Solutions

Software-as-a-service approaches have become increasingly more significant in the most diverse markets and branches and offer a range of advantages over traditional licensing models. Through the use of web-based software solutions, the construction of costly IT infrastructure can be avoided and prices can be negotiated flexibly on a subscription basis. In addition, these solutions also generally promise relatively short time-to-market intervals.

We invest in promising SaaS solutions such as the online service for international money transfers WorldRemit or the internet security startup ZenMate.

Digital Infrastructure Solutions

Data-Driven Online Marketing Technologies (MarTech)

Project A is one of the most relevant German early-stage investors in the dynamically growing market of online marketing technologies. With portfolio companies such as CrossEngage, Semasio and Eyeota, we are also helping to advance innovative approaches to the field of marketing in international markets as well.

Commerce Infrastructure

Project A invests in software solutions that provide the necessary infrastructure for business models in the e-commerce sector. These include for example the DIY e-commerce platform Tictail, the flexible and scalable commerce framework Spryker as well as SaaS providers such as Coureon or Intelipost, which are working to make the commercial shipping business simpler and more transparent.