Martin Gödicke

Martin Gödicke

Online Marketing Manager at Contorion

Everyday brings new challenges, allowing me to constantly broaden my experience and develop myself further on a professional level.

I have been part of the Online Marketing team at Project A for two years. Having joined the company as Display Marketing Manager, I later was part of the Search Engine Marketing Team, responsible for optimising our search engine marketing processes.

We make sure that Internet users end up on our venture’s websites when searching for a specific topic online.

To achieve this, we place text ads for selected keywords on the most important search engines. Let’s say you type in “Goji berries online”, I can almost assure you that you will find the website of one of our ventures called nu3 among the results pages.

Originally, I am from Storkow (Mark), a small town in the German state of Brandenburg. My interest for the world of startups started growing during my business studies in Frankfurt (Oder) and Los Angeles. I was lucky to gain a deeper insight into entrepreneurship when I worked with a startup in Frankfurt, where I worked as an assistant to the senior management. Having gained my bachelor degree, and prior to joining Project A, I was working in the online marketing department of Zalando.

One thing I especially like about online marketing is the fact that it is all about figures and data, and that analytical thinking is required.

Our ad placements help us to measure and analyse the users’ interactions. This way, we are able to monitor how successful our marketing operations are and constantly optimise our measures. Key performance indicators we take into account include click rates, conversion rates as well as ROI, all with the goal to make our ads as effective as possible. Since trends and technologies rapidly change in online marketing, marketing managers have to be quick on the uptake, a talent worth even more than a complete skillset. If you learn fast and easily adapt to changes, you will be able to quickly take on greater responsibility. However, a certain understanding for tools and programs is required, as both are needed in online marketing on a daily basis. I am talking about basic computer programs such as Excel but also channel-specific tools like an adserver (Google DoubleClick), or AdWords.

More and more ventures are joining the Project A family, so I can proudly say that my work remains dynamic and full of variety.

We deal with most diverse topics such as health supplements, money transfer or ad tech. Every day brings new challenges, allowing me to constantly broaden my experience and develop myself further on a professional level and assume more responsibility step by step. So far, my biggest gain from this development was the chance to get settled at Contorion, one of Project A’s ventures, where I am now responsible for the whole range of their performance marketing activities. Project A not only enabled me me to grow inside its own organization, but also offered support for my career step within the Project A family.